Plastream™ Context

Plastream’s Artificial Intelligence based video analysis can boost profits in e-commerce. Information gathered by the software is used to better target ads, enrich the advertising offer and generate paid e-commerce leads from online content.

We analyze video

What do we do?

We use the Plastream Artificial Intelligence to

  • Recognizes objects (products, people) in video frames
  • Identifies the context
  • Based on series of frames suggests which ad should be displayed.

How do we do this?

  • We tag movies sent to us for analysis.
  • We identify at what point in time which objects are visible and suggest the best moment for a commercial brake.
  • We determine best moments for specified keywords in the video.

How does it work?
Imagine and hour-long movie or series.

Key words – tagging the video content

Plastream automatically analyzes the whole video content dividing it into single scenes or frames.

Słowa kluczowe - tagowanie materiału video

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Plastream identifies products and people displayed and the context in which they appear. In the next step, Plastream describes each scene with tags: items, people, emotions, situations – say, car, phone call, anger, two women talking

Based on the entire video we create a tag index describing the whole content and sort it according to how often they appear.

Know when which products appear in the content.

By analyzing the frequency of tags of similar subjects, Plastream determines sets of frames focused around a specific product category (e.g. car).

Określenie momentu występowania produktów

Based on that we indicate the timeframes during which an item is visible on the screen and suggest the best time for a commercial break.

Based on our insight from the series of frames we’re able to suggest what advertising should be displayed.

We indicate the “best moment” for a commercial brake for each of the tags.

For every analyzed video Plastream creates a list of all items in it (“car”, “apple”, “glasses”, “family at table”, “morning joy” etc.)

Wskazanie w materiale video „najlepszego momentu” dla słów kluczowych.

Plastream instantaneously analyzes the timeframe of appearance and the model probability and assigns each tag an optimal commercial brake timeslot across all the appearances in the video.

and indicates the highest probability percentage rate that the object found is indeed (“car”, “apple”, “glasses”, “family at table”, “morning joy”.

How can you profit from Plastream technology?

  • Plastream allows better advertising targeting.

  • We indicate the best moment for a commercial brake.

  • Additional new options for advertisers to better choose the advertising type and time.

  • Open new revenue streams from paid leads for e-commerce.

  • Automate and accelerate archiving of large amounts of video as well as browsing for the desired content in the archive.