is an AI based analytics platform that help owners better monetize large amount of video content


Many Content 2 Commerce / Digital / Online Sales Managers
feel their content is a goldmine that may be monetized better.

We analyze images

In images, we recognize everything appearing in it: shoes, dress, tie, purse etc., while the text search allows us to better narrow down the results.

We analyze video

Plastream helps with mass-tagging of video content, recognizing faces and audio which allows our customers to automate content creation, speed up production and re-use existing video. Tagging movies sent to us for analysis, Plastream suggests the best moment for a commercial brake.

Plastream is SAAS Video analytics platform

Plastream Fashion

Plastream™ Fashion

Object recognition in Plastream has profitable use cases in e-commerce. Our Artificial intelligence will recognize the garment and will instantly suggest similar ones available for purchase online.

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Plastream Context

Plastream™ Context

Plastream’s Artificial Intelligence based video analysis can boost profits in e-commerce. Information gathered by the software is used to better target ads, enrich the advertising offer and generate paid e-commerce leads from online content.

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We are Microsoft Azure  partner