Plastream™ is an AI based analytics platform that recognizes objects in images.

Object recognition in Plastream has profitable use cases in e-commerce.

Let’s see how this works in the fashion industry:

Our Artificial Intelligence recognizes the shirt as an object and will instantly suggest similar ones available for purchase online.

Plastream™ analyses the whole page searching through text and images.

In images, we recognize everything appearing in it: shoes, dress, tie, purse etc., while the text search allows us to better narrow down the results.

If the blogger writes about a shirt, we focus on this shirt during our analysis, even if the AI also found other clothes in the image.

We’re able to recognize all attributes of the shirt like colour, tailoring, fabric or other.

We search for the best matching dress in a database of millions of pictures imported and analysed by Plastream.

The Plastream AI recognizes clothes and fashion accessories in celebrity pictures, finds similar products and directs you to online shops to allow you the purchase.

Completing your celebrity outfit
has never been easier!


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